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10 Things you need to Know about Anas’ “Number 12” expose

Written by Isaac Darko

For the past few months, the football fraternity has been at a nervous standstill, impatiently awaiting the release of ANAS’s highly anticipated “Number 12” expose. The undercover investigation, carried out by Tiger-eye-PI in collaboration with the British Broadcasting corporation (BBC) promised to expose rot in the football fraternity and bring its foundations crashing down.

The first public showing of the film was aired to some select guests yesterday at the Accra International Conference Centre, and staff of received invitations to attend the viewing. If you, like many others, were unable to make it to the private viewing, here are 10 of the most important revelations of the expose:

1. Several Referees and match officials took bribes to affect the results of football matches:

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Anas’s men, posing as stakeholders of local sports teams, are seen in the video handing over huge sums of money to linesmen, referees and other match officials as payment for them affecting football matches in one way or the other; be it giving dubious penalties, or refusing to give certain players yellow cards when they commit a foul.

2. Two GFA officials are shown refusing to take bribes:

While Anas is dedicated to exposing corruption, he also makes sure to let the public know which government officials are trust-worthy. In his latest video, while attempting to bribe GFA officials, two men, Kweku Eyiah and John Frederick decided to do the honorable thing and refused to sell their dignity for money.

3. Officials used the common wealth games as a front to give illegal visas:

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Anas' men further discovered that whenever international games or sporting events are to take place outside the country, some organizers use this opportunity to smuggle people outside the country in exchange for money. Most of them are caught on camera receiving the money.

4. Two officials took sums of money but argued that they don’t take bribes:

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While most officials caught in the video didn’t deny taking bribes, at least two officials are captured saying that they do not accept bribes, however, “if after helping you, you decide to come and thank me, then I will accept it”. This raises questions as to whether this technically counts as a bribe or not.

5. Kennedy Agyapong is implicated in the video:

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While attempting to impress a prospective investor (who was in actuality an Anas operative), kwesi Nyantakyi made claims about Ghanaian business mogul Kennedy Agyapong, alleging that the businessman often affects political elections, including appointing one of Ghana’s current ministers, which was a gift from the NPP government for funding their campaign. Nyantakyi then proposes involving Mr. Agyapong in their business deal, to give them more legitimacy. If the allegations made by Nyantakyi are true, its therefore no surprise that prior to the showing of the video, Kennedy Agyapong launched an intensive slur campaign against Anas and his methods.

6. Nyantakyi is caught on camera taking a sum of money:

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After preliminary discussions with a prospective investor, the man hands over a sum of $65,000 and a rubber bag to kwesi Nyantakyi. The GFA boss happily accepts the sum and packs it into the bag. The whole thing is caught on tape and it will be near impossible for Nyantakyi to defend himself from this one.

7. Nyantakyi has a micro finance company in Ghana which he uses to do 'shady deals':

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While negotiating and making arrangements with the foreign investor, kwesi Nyantakyi insisted that money being sent by the investor shouldn’t be transferred through official accounts, however, the money should be laundered into the country through a small micro finance he owns for such a deal.

8. Nyantakyi tried to grab a bigger percentage of the prospective business deal:

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Nyantakyi was caught on camera outlining the process of setting up an agency that would broker a sponsorship deal for the Ghana Premier League. The deal under discussion was to be worth USD 5 million for a year for five years. As part of the deal, the FA would allegedly pay an agency fee that ranged between 20 – 25 % to the agency that Kwesi Nyantakyi proposed to set up. Mr Nyantakyi further detailed how an amount of GHc 1 million which he tagged as “thank you money” should be handed to him and the Northern Regional FA boss Alhassan Abdullai to split for their hardwork.

9. Nyantakyi Planned to “Take Over” Ghana:

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Outlining his plans for the future, Kwesi Nyantakyi is caught on camera scheming his eventual takeover of the country. By bribing and buying favors, Nyantakyi planned to buy his way into high positions, which would give him the ability to do anything he wants. The GFA boss also revealed that he planned to eventually divert from Football and become a politician.

10. The President and Vice President are also implicated in the video:


Kwesi Nyantakyi makes some very bold claims in the video, boasting that he has access to the office of the president, and if given enough money, could give the foreign investor access to the President, his Vice president and other ministers.
The president and his vice however watched portions of the video ahead of its release and were given the opportunity to respond to Nyantakyi’s claims. In an interview with Anas, the president and his vice categorically denied the allegations made by the GFA boss, classifying them as falsehoods and straight-out lies.

This article was written by Elijah Adiasany, a correspondent of